Open Dharma deep rest meditation retreat 3.-8.12.2016

Allowing ourselves to be loved by everything

We are happy to offer the third Open Dharma retreat in Finland, this time with Gemma Polo teaching!

Gemma Polo has been offering meditation retreats with Open Dharma ( for the last fifteen years around the world. Theologian, bee keeper, poet, mystic, and mother, Gemma lived in India for a decade and co-cG-J 085reated Dharmaloca, an eco-retreat center in the sacred mountains of Montsant, Spain, where she also leads the “awakening with horses” project that she envisioned. With a wealth of experience from different spiritual practices such as contemplation, Zen, devotion and a deep connection with nature, Gemma holds and guides each individual to find her or his own whispers of the heart.

During the retreat, Gemma will encourage deep rest* and a genuine inquiry from the heart. Bathing in noble silence, and with the beauty and power of practicing together as a group, the days will include guided and silent meditations, connected walks and movement, inspiring talks by Gemma, one-to-one meetings, and singing meditation.

*The practise of deep rest brings us to a place of complete relaxation within, where we can find a fresh source of wisdom, and embrace life without limits. From this place, fluidity, joy, and awakening, might flourish.

“My own practice has been deeply insprired by the Open Dharma teachers and approach. For me this has offered a deep way of opening body, heart and mind; an escape from extensive doing and trying to achieve in meditation; encouragement in finding my own path; and trust in a more intuitive way of guiding my practice and my life, and in letting processesbear sleeping_350cmyk unfold by themselves. ”
– Anna Backholm, main manager of this Finland retreat

“My hand softly held while I find my way back home…”
Bodhi, a participant of Gemma’s retreat

The retreat is appropriate for people at all experience levels or with no meditation experience. All the teachings will be in English.

The price of the retreat is 210€, which includes food, accomodation, and basic expenses only. The teachings and the managing are offered on donation basis. At the end of the retreat you will be welcome to express your gratitude and generosity towards Gemma’s teachings and support, as well as towards the managers. Because it is our wish to welcome everyone regardless of their financial situation, you can ask for a lower price if you need to, or pay more than the basic price you feel like supporting the ones with less income.

To register, you can apply by filling in the application form and paying the registration fee. Here’s details about practicalities and instructions on how to register.

You can ask more from, or from Markku Ilo (+358 40 413 6833, application and payment) or Anita Lintula (+358 45 650 3795, other questions).

Everyone is warmly welcome!

Anna, Anita and Markku